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a historical landmark venue moving into the future while
its past





Steeped in early American history


Locust Thicket was built circa 1790 by Major Samuel Beverly Scott upon his discharge from George Washington’s Revolutionary Army, his relocation to Lynchburg and his marriage to Ann Roy of Spotsylvania County. This historic Lynchburg Property has witnessed and survived the turning of three centuries, a legal battle between Major Scott and his neighbor Thomas Jefferson, and the frontline of The Battle of Lynchburg in the War between the States in 1864.


​As today’s citizens, we can only wonder at what stories the walls could tell... if only they could speak and be able to share the many tales.  


The current owners of Locust Thicket, father/daughter team Paul Hughes & Sarah Quinn, their families and associates plan to share these many stories whilst creating new ones by utilizing their many years within the international hospitality, tourism and catering industries. They invite today’s citizens back to Locust Thicket and to share in its “living history” through the various hospitality, food and beverage tourism and special event offerings.


So, we invite you to come and join the many who have come before you and become a part of over 227 years of living history that exists at Locust Thicket.

How Can you Help Preserve Locust Thicket for future generations?

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